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I am stress..!!!

what an unlucky day...
i'm feeling so stress...
with my interview just around the corner, i need to touch up my files,my teaching books,my resume...then,suddenly..there's a problem with a few documents...need to settle before 15th..to add in my stress list,my handphone broke..all my videos..songs..gone missing..my suju's latest performances...argh..!!!!!

My Birthday..Saengil Chukhae!!

Today is my birthday..
Happy Birthday to me..!!!!
My present today is...an accident..!!
waaa..!!poor my dongsaeng's car...huhuhu

My cutest student

It was when i went to school for my practical and internship..there was a boy..a student,actually who for me looks like Sungmin..he's too cute...too adorable...am i a pedo now???


Looking for a KyuWook fic..

I'm looking for a fic that i've read long time ago..the fic is about KyuWook..but at first,it's about YeWook..i don't really remember..but it's goes like this...
Wook likes Yesung but he had no courage to tell him..so,when there's a concert Wook plan to confess to Yesung..because of the seperate room,Wook sneak out to Yesung's room..but it's so dark and he go to the bed and kiss the person on the bed because he thought that was Yesung...at first the person don't give any reaction..but at last,he kiss Wook back and the had sex..soon after that,the light swtch on and Yesung was the on who switch on the light...and the person who Wook just had sex is Kyu...
Does anyone know the fic??please help me...


me & my popularity

i've just finished my practical at school for 3 months...in this 3 lovely enjoying months,my popularity has increase..haha!


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Me & my stress

When there's study week...there's stress following you...it came in many ways..as for me,my relationship with my friends is at risk...i don't know what my mistake is,but it looks like i,ve done something terrible to them...am i the one who at fault???[Unknown LJ tag]

LJ for Android

livejournal for android...!!!
i'm posting through my phone...haha!!!

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Fate [2/?]


there will be no update because i'm in study week...and tomorrow,my exam life begin...so,i will quit busy to update...mianhae..